Modern lifestyles make healthy living hard!

    I think you'll agree, balancing the challenges of modern life with high stress work days, demanding family commitments and abundant quick fix food options can make staying healthy, reducing fat and feeling great REALLY difficult. It doesn't have to be that way! Isagenix NZ offers programs and products that help bust fat, boost energy and increase general wellness. Whats more there is a full 30 day money back guarantee for peace of mind. Click on the links below to learn more!
    Effective and Easy!

    Effective and Easy!

    Weight loss with Isagenix is straight forward, cost effective and delivers great results!

    Maximise Training!

    Maximise Training!

    Improve your efficiency, boost energy and make you the best you can be! Loved by athletes the world over!

    Live a Healthy Life!

    Live a Healthy Life!

    A long term solution that is cost effective but also offers the opportunity to provide a healthy income!

    Inspiration Starts Here!

    Taking the first step is the hardest, talk to us today and never look back.

    How well does Isagenix work?

    Inspirational stories from real Isagenix users. We are constantly inspired and amazed by the great result we see, whether it's weight loss, bulking up or just feeling great. Why not join our team and experience the same as James, Adam and Heidi?
    Our Story

    Our Story

    At Create a New Me we have been working with Isagenix products for a number of years in Australia and New Zealand. We have seen our fat busted, our energy sky rocket and our daily stress contained. Isagenix has changed our perspective on life and happiness.

    Would you like to feel the same? Come join us!

    Fast delivery all over New Zealand!


    Support every step of the way!


    Backed by Isagenix International!


    Our Products

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    $724.51 $530.16

    30-Day Starter Pak

    This great value introductory pak includes our most popular 30-day Program as well as an IsaBlender™ and heart-healthy SlimCakes™. Perfect for those searching for a long-term, flexible program, this pak includes a one-year membership with Isagenix.


    $596.85 $431.25

    30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program

    The 30-Day Program provides the first step to taking control of your life, achieving your peak performance and managing your weight. A great introduction to Isagenix, the program offers a range of unique products that revitalise your whole body by helping to remove impurities and create an optimal environment for improved nutrition.


    $926.90 $683.10

    President’s Pak

    Our flagship 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program is complemented with an IsaBlender™ as well as isaLean bars and Product B™.

    The President’s Pak also includes a 12-month membership to Isagenix and a $50 event voucher.


    $566.95 $419.75

    AMPED™ PRO Pak

    The AMPED PRO Pak offers a complete solution for active individuals and athletes. The products contain a mix of nutrients, natural caffeine, high-quality protein and amino acids to support building lean muscle mass and improve recovery times, while helping you achieve a leaner physique and experience optimal performance.


    $939.56 $699.21

    Energy & Performance President’s Pak

    The combination of a variety of popular products, essential marketing tools and an IsaBlender™ make this Pak perfect for business building. Perfect for athletes and active people, this Pak consists of products that promote better performance, faster recovery and improved energy.


    $585.34 $433.54

    Energy & Performance Pro Pak

    Aimed at athletes and active individuals, the Energy & Performance Pro Pak is perfect for those seeking a healthy, nutrient-packed solution while on the go. Convenient to incorporate into any active lifestyle, and with a range of nutritional meal and snack options, this Pak features products that help to build and maintain lean muscle, increase performance and promote faster recovery.

    Start on the road to better health, wealth and happiness! Get in touch today!

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